Inside the Studio of an NFT Artist (Part 4)

NFT Photographer Franca Turrin's Studio Space

In the final part of our series Inside the Studio of an NFT Artist, we head Southeast to the state of New South Wales to join photographer Franca Turrin in her workspace. With a career spanning thirty years in the industry, read on for a glimpse into her day-to-day routine, what she’s working on next and what inspires her craft.

Franca Turrin

Photographer Franca Turrin’s studio is based in Sydney, Australia. According to the creator, the space has been hers for 20 years–while not described as large, it allows Franca to work on both commercial pieces and her personal art.

Close Up of Franca Turrin's Setup
Close-up shot of the photographer’s home studio setup.

1) Tell us about your journey into digital and/or physical art.

I started professionally in photography over 25 years ago, initially in advertising then portrait photography. At the same time, I also started using a new digital program, Adobe  Photoshop version 2, no layers ! I don’t consider digital and physical art separate as they have always been intertwined for me and even at times interlaced with traditional paint mediums.

Throughout my time in industry, I have always maintained an art practice which has been landscape/studio work and painting with light. In the last five years I have worked primarily on my artwork. To have the freedom to do so I still work commercially as a retoucher, so I spend a lot of time in the dark with Photoshop. This means when it comes to my practice I like the challenge of taking the very real & authentic and imbuing it with an otherworldly alien perspective. Shooting all in camera, long exposure, one take reflects this rawness and authenticity. I then use Photoshop to purely grade and clean up.

I am currently working on three series: Tetryon dreams, futuristic flowers (almost complete) and Project X, a continuation of the Resilience Collection and Désherber for which I have been learning 3d and sculpting this year.

For me, whether digital or physical mediums these are the tools of the craft they are not the art or its intent.

2) What inspires you to create?

The Australian landscape and flora, painters, other artists and always the innate need to create.

3) What are your studio essentials?

LIGHT in all shapes and sizes!

4) What’s your day-to-day/work routine like? 

It is a balance, as a self-employed person funding my art practice it depends on day-to-day assignments. Mornings I tend to leave for client work. Afternoons and evenings are for my artwork. This suits me best as a lot of the work requires absolute darkness. And the studio still has some light leaks!

5) What are your goals as an artist?

To be true to the work and myself. As corny as it sounds, to continue to grow and never stop creating.

Profile shot of photographer Franca Turrin
Photographer Franca Turrin in front of the lens.

7) How do you unwind/reset after a long day in the studio? 

I spend a lot of time in the dark, inside or outside studio, so unwinding is time outdoors in the sunshine with my trusty studio companion Louis.

Franca Turrin's pet, Louis, in her studio.
The artist’s faithful companion Louis, in her studio.

8) Anything else you’d like to share with the audience?

Photographer Franca Turrin discusses her work
from her studio in Sydney.

Franca’s original photography NFTs are available on Bluethumb Digital as part of our Muses collection. Browse them here.

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