Inside the Studio of an NFT Artist (Part 3)

Artist Nicola Coxon and her digital canvas

Welcome back to part 3 of our feature, Inside the Studio of an NFT Artist! In today’s article, readers can take a short trip to Western Australia to meet digital native Nicola Coxon, who works with the fascinating medium of video art. Keep reading to find out more about her work, background and glimpses of her studio.

Nicola Coxon

Nicky is a 37-year-old digital and NFT artist from Perth, WA. Her studio is an extension next to her house (and is currently being renovated), so in the meantime, the creator has taken over the kitchen. According to Nicky, the area is “essentially a workshop to cater for any kind of art.” She is hopeful for the studio to be completed before Christmas.

The artist at work in her previous studio.

1) Tell us about your journey into digital and/or physical art.

I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. I went to uni and studied fine art and was about to complete my grad dip ed (Graduate Diploma in Education) in 2006 when my sister, Kate committed suicide. I abandoned my art and went back to study physiotherapy to help people. Ten years later…in the midst of a pandemic, the desire to fulfil my dream of becoming a professional artist has been realised. 

My goal, as it has always been, is to connect and perhaps help people through my art in some capacity. The rise of the NFT in 2021 was a clear indication to me that video and digital art was having a Renaissance! Even all those years ago my lecturers would tell me “you’re too early, the technology isn’t there yet, what do you do with it?”

Even in 2022 im still having these same conversations, albeit the fact that technologies have come sooooo far!

Artist Nicola Coxon posing with one of her original digital artworks.
Nicola Coxon posing with one of her original digital artworks.

I finished my fine art degree in 2005, my final studio pieces were almost identical to the type of art/mediums/videos to the pieces I am creating now – just with the bonus of a gorgeous digital camera, smart TVs and NFTs.

2) What inspires you to create?

My favourite hobby as a kid was creating anything with plasticine. Ive wanted to create as far back as I can remember. If I don’t create of visualise or do something I feel lost, anxious and not me. The desire or inspiration lately comes from the medium itself. The need to convey the feeling I get when I see liquids moving or reacting. Its very hard to put into words!

3) How would you describe your style? 

This is a very tricky question, but probably organic liquid landscapes? Moving mediative paintings, organic digital art.

Original 1/1 artwork “Melpomene’s Elegy“ by the artist. Available now as part of our Muses collection.

4) What are your studio essentials?

Loud good music, coke zero, darkness and no interruptions.

5) What’s your day-to-day/work routine like? 

I’m a mum of two kids, aged eight and four, plus I still work as a physiotherapist at a tertiary hospital so my routine at the moment….I don’t really have one yet! Hopefully once my studio is complete I can have a more set balance between mum life, work life and art life.

Nicola setting up her new home studio.
Nicola working on her new home studio in Perth.

7) What are your goals as an artist? 

Get set up in my new studio and next year have another in-person exhibition.

8) Any tricks of the trade to share? 

Start small, start creating, make connections, immerse yourself in the art scene.

9) How do you unwind/reset after a long day in the studio? 

After a long day in the studio there is nothing better than sitting out the back of our house with a chilled glass of rosé with my husband.

10) Anything else you’d like to share with the audience?

Artist Nicola Coxon discusses digital art on camera.

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