25 Female Australian Artists in the NFT Scene You Should be Following (Part 2)

Photo of a female photographer capturing the landscape

Continuing where we left off in Part 1, today we’ll be introducing ten more female Australian artists in the crypto scene. Get a fresh glimpse of art styles and individual mediums chosen by these creators: from hand-drawn, digitally created art to mind-bending animations and even AI textile art, the local NFT landscape remains vast and unexplored. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Tiffatronn

Hailing from the Eastern coast of Australia, the incredibly talented Tiffatronn is a well-known artist in the NFT scene. With originals characterised by galactic hues, gorgeous textured brushstrokes and portraiture, she has sold out a few NFT collections across various platforms. The largest of her series of works comprises 101 digitally created, hand drawn original portraits. Existential themes also run through her work, as Tiffatronn mentions exploring topics such as identity, human experience and alternate realities. Those interested should keep an eye out for her collaborations and new work in the metaverse.

Follow Tiffatronn here.

2. EM!

Another artist making waves in the Australian NFT scene is EM! (pronounced ee-em-ai), who has teamed up with names such as Yahoo and Future Art. With a style described as Psychedelic Pop Fantasy, EM!’s works are spectacular, often dynamic mixed media collages which have fantastical elements (fans can spot anthropomorphic characters, space machines, portals and much more in her pieces!). According to the artist, her work draws inspiration from defining periods and mediums throughout art history, including European Surrealist paintings from the 1900s, 1950s pin-up posters and Japanese prints.

The artist is currently based in Melbourne. Keep up to date with her works here.

3. Aileen Ng

Also Melbourne-based, artist Aileen Ng has a background in maths and physics, with works largely influenced by space and our relationship with time.

Aileen uses her practice as a tool to experiment with the subjectivity of the human visual system. Her work explores the ways we interpret three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface, investigating subjects such as depth perception, optical illusion, and colour theory. Using a vibrant aesthetic and quirky geometric elements, her dynamic artworks invite one to keep on watching.

Pictured above is the artwork Secret Story of doors: by artist Aileen Ng. Her full collection of 1/1s is available now as part of our Genesis Drop.

4. Mae/Eniosta

Similarly, landscape artist Mae (also known as Eniosta) is also one exploring the 3D realm. Her journey in the digital medium interestingly began with the creation and sale of game assets, before she decided to return to making art. Using her craft as a means of escape, Mae’s creations have a tranquil quality, with geometric, textured landforms as the subject of the artworks. Semi-abstract and yet rendered in a photorealistic way, one can step into the artist’s imagined landscapes and have their soul blissfully whisked away.

See her Twitter profile here.

5. Renee Campbell 

Emerge into a world of flowers with Renee Campbell’s macro photography–for the uninitiated, this term refers to miniature objects or subjects zoomed in to create a larger-than-life shot. A fine art floral photographer who has sold out three NFT collections and three editions, her works are distinctively prismatic and uplifting. Hours can be poured into each floral subject, with each shot painstakingly zeroed in until elements such as structure, light and hue come together in harmony to create a sense of calm.

Keep up to date with Renee’s work here.

6. Lola Hubner 

Get a bird’s eye view behind the lens with Lola Hubner, an Australian creator who uses drones to capture undiscovered scenery, along with ethereal colours and textures. With four collections under her belt, the Sydney-born photographer’s collections have interesting concepts such as memory, where each artwork is symbolic of Lola’s personal best memories shared with the audience, as well as bone – how nature can reflect our corporeal form. Often documenting her travels and van life all across the country, Lola is also a commercial photographer. 

Connect with her work here.

7. Bianca Beers

The creative industry is also home to Bianca Beers, an artist, designer and creator specialising in digital illustration and creative direction. Her work is a buoyant amalgamation of fashion and botanical illustration, graffiti and portraiture. With an energetically positive focus, Bianca aims to create community and uplift others by bringing colour, joy and meaning to the spaces her works occupy. The creator launched her career in late 2017, and has since gained a strong momentum and dedicated following, with her first solo exhibit supported by Microsoft in 2019, whilst catching the attention of major on-going clients such as Nike, Adobe and more.

Cover illustration of a woman by artist Bianca Beers
Cover illustration by artist Bianca Beers. Fans of her work can mint her Genesis collection here.

8. HPart

Another one to look out for, HPart’s portrait works embody a surreal quality as well as gorgeous, muted hues. Originally a traditional artist who worked with Pan pastels and oils for years, she began experimenting with digital platform Procreate during the previous year’s lockdown. According to HPart, this unlocked new realms of possibilities, including the realisation of complex concepts, and not having to compromise working with a specific medium. See the gorgeous result below (warning: may contain themes of nudity).

Pictured above is HPart’s original NFT art, Shimmer, which was conceptualised based on the creator’s childhood and adulthood. Find out more about her work in our Genesis Drop here.

“It’s an exciting time for artists, and I’m so happy to be a part of Bluethumb’s NFT launch.”

9. Rose Jackson

This artist’s luminescent pieces are born from a collaboration between traditional craft and digital technology. According to abstract textile artist Rose Jackson, her process involves using traditional wet felting methods to create wool felt artworks, after which she adds digital elements, dynamic animation, or GAN (generative art networks). Popular amongst collectors, her works have been exhibited across various cities including London, New York, and within China. A recurring theme in Rose’s art is the exploration of the connection between the natural and digital world.

See her Twitter profile here.

10. Kellie North

Also one with a deep desire to connect to nature, the audience and herself, visual artist Kellie North plays with movement, light and texture to create evocative figurative images connected to the subconscious.

As a self portrait artist, her interest is in creating digital imagery of the feminine form: her photographs capture mostly faceless figures draped in billowing fabric in water, or juxtaposed against the ruggedness of the natural environment.

“My art explores the vivid contrast of fluid organic shapes and the natural world, it celebrates their differences yet unites them…creating a lasting impression with the viewer. Not one for treading the traditional photographic line, I often like to combine my natural forms and landscapes with surreal elements, using carefully refined composite and digital art techniques.”

Photograph of a female figure in red in foetal-like poses. Artwork by Kellie North
Featured: Requiem For a Dream – Falling by Kellie North. Readers can explore Kellie’s collection of original NFTs from our Genesis Drop.

And that brings us to the end of Part 2 (which is by no means an exhaustive list)! If you know other women artists we should be following in the Australian crypto art space, tell us in the comments below.

Finally, in case you missed it: our Muses collection is now live! Make sure to keep up with news on our latest collections on Twitter, or scroll through our insta-worthy feed here.

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