Introducing Muses: A Collection of 24 Exclusive NFTs from an All-Female Australian Artist Lineup

This June, we’re excited to be launching our second exclusive curated collection: Muses. 

Defiant, dangerous and divine, the launch will feature twenty-four exclusive 1/1 artworks from eleven ground-breaking female artists. In this post, we’ll be detailing the inspiration behind Muses, the artist lineup, why we built Bluethumb Digital and more. Keep reading to find out!

  1. What is the Muses Collection?
  2. A Lineup of Eleven Female Australian Artists
  3. Why We Built Bluethumb Digital–and Where We’re Headed
  4. Key Dates
  5. About NFTs, Environmental Concerns and Previous Collections

1. What is the Muses Collection?

Muses is Australia’s newest, most divine NFT art collection on the Ethereum blockchain featuring a lineup of all-women creatives. While some might think the concept refers to the influential subject behind an artistic work, the name ‘Muses’ was inspired by a more powerful, divine force: the Greek sister goddesses of art. 

Celebrating women breaking ground in the Australian NFT and digital art scene, each Muses artwork explores themes of femininity and self-expression from artists all over the country–each with their own unique style and perspective. The all-female collection was conceived to disrupt the traditionally male-dominated crypto art space.

The official Muses logo by Bluethumb Digital.

“There is an amazing amount of artistic talent emerging in web3 across Australia, and in particular some women artists having a big impact at a global level, like @Tiffatron and @Betty _NFT (of Deadfellaz),” shares Lauren Capelin, Principal at Startmate. “At the same time, we are seeing a proliferation of projects geared toward educating, investing in and connecting women interested in web3 more broadly. This is a generational shift on many levels… it is pivotal that women are seen to have agency, and be recognised for playing a role in this transformation. Bluethumb Digital’s Muses drop creates a perfect opportunity for this to occur.”

Muses artist Joy Chiang agrees. “It’s heartbreaking to think that the gender gap may not close in my or my kid’s lifetime. We have the opportunity now to leverage technology and reshape the internet to be better. By elevating diverse voices in the NFT space, we can only grow to expand our own perspectives and be better for it.”

Muses marks an important next step for the Bluethumb team, too. “We play a crucial role in setting the tone for representation as an industry,” adds Bluethumb Digital Lead, Emilia Russell. “Helping to bring this collection to life is something I am incredibly proud of, and I can’t wait to shine a spotlight on the diversity of Australia’s digital art talent.”

2. A Lineup of Eleven Female Australian Artists

In this collection, you’ll see some favourites from the inaugural Genesis Drop collection return, as well as other well-known faces from Australia’s wider art scene being introduced into the mix. The exciting lineup includes photographer-turned digital creative Stefanie Neal, Indigenous artist Kelly Taylor, geometry/pop-art creator Lana Jaie and eight other artists. 

See the video below to discover all of the artists: 

A video showcasing all twenty-four original artworks in the Muses collection. Video may contain themes of nudity.

You can also read more about them in part 1 of our blog, 25 Female Australian Artists in the NFT Scene You Should be Following.

3. Key Dates

Allowlist or early access signups for those with Ethereum wallet addresses has now closed. However, you’ll still be able to grab a Muses artwork if you’ve bought a Genesis 1/1, or you can simply wait until our public sale opens on the 23rd!

12 p.m. AEST, 22nd June: Early access opens to Genesis Artwork holders
7 p.m. AEST, 22nd June: Early access opens to Allowlist signups
7 p.m. AEST, 23rd June: Public sale begins

4. Why We Built Bluethumb Digital and Where We’re Headed

Every day we wake up and choose to build technology to help artists sell more work, chase their career dreams, quit jobs. It’s our mission in life, and work, and it’s something we care deeply about. 

Our traditional art platform Bluethumb has supported those in pursuit of their passion as a full-time career for over a decade. With Bluethumb Digital, we’re excited to provide an avenue for emerging digital artists to succeed and cross over into the NFT space.

Image of artist Lucy Lucy painting a mural.
Image of featured artist Lucy Lucy painting a mural.

We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility for digital artists and collectors, as well as representation across the Australian NFT landscape.

Future drops are designed to help more artists start their digital journey, including a collection of generative artworks by Bluethumb’s Indigenous artists, as well as emerging artist showcases and individual creator spotlights. 

5. About NFTs, Environmental Concerns and Previous Collections

NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – utilise blockchain technology, a solution that allows digital artists to earn royalties through selling tokens of ownership that are completely unique. These tokens offer buyers a permanent, publicly verifiable record linked to the artwork, providing value through establishing authenticity. You can read more about it on our blog here.  

The emergence of NFTs has revolutionised the way that we collect and create digital art. “Since the NFT space is fairly new and inclusive, this opens great opportunities for women to define new rules and shine through what seems like a limitless channel,” shares urban artist and figurative painter Lucy Lucy.

A core concern of the blockchain industry and its supporters is the environmental impact generated due to the new technology. Since Bluethumb Digital’s first launch, the company has been proud to partner with Trace to offset its carbon footprint and ensure the platform’s NFT collections are climate-positive.

A photo of three framed NFT artworks from the Genesis Drop


A photo of three featured NFT artworks from the Genesis Drop.

Muses, Bluethumb Digital’s second drop, follows our inaugural Genesis Collection. Owning one of the 92 Genesis works gives the owner priority access to all of Bluethumb Digital’s future collections.

Only a few days left until the launch of Muses! Follow us for live updates on our InstagramTwitter, or Discord.  

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