25 Female Australian Artists in the NFT Scene You Should Be Following (Part 1)

Tying in with the launch of our Muses collection this June, we’re here to highlight some of Australia’s most talented female artists you should know in the NFT scene. Working across a host of eclectic mediums, you’ll find inspiring creators immersed in various disciplines: 3D to fibre art, digital abstracts and much more. From emerging to established names all across the board, read on to discover the diverse spectrum of talent the country has to offer.

1. Serwah Attafuah

Having worked with big names such as Paris Hilton, Charli XCX and Triple One,  multidisciplinary artist Serwah Attafuah’s star is on the rise. Self-described as “Western Sydney’s Finest Demon” (according to her punchy Instagram bio) working on Dharug land, Attafuah’s figurative works are distinctively rendered in 3D, featuring lush, surreal afrofuturistic visuals and interpretations of the self. With so much demand for the artist’s work, her collections often fetch high prices– some may be surprised that her digital skills are entirely self-taught.

Read more about the artist here

2. Yasmin Shima 

Moving eastward to Bondi, digital artist and painter Yasmin Shima is the figure behind iconic NFT project Year of The Woman. Having been raised in an artistic family and having created her first self-portrait during her late teens, Yasmin’s work leans towards highly stylised, semi-realistic depictions of the modern woman. Her zodiac-themed collection embraces the diversity, grace and energy of female beauty, and gives back to those in the community. Yasmin has been creating NFTs since 2021. 

See her Twitter profile here.

3. Joy Chiang

A photo of NFT and mixed-media artist Joy Chiang.

Another artist dedicated to a good cause, Joy Chiang is a Melbourne-based mixed media artist whose works will go towards supporting local organisation PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia). Joy’s latest works are inspired by her journey into motherhood. Due to the artist’s urban planning background, she is inspired by nature and features explosive elements of city chaos in her art. Chiang strives to express emotions and beauty through the language of colour, and started branching out into the NFT space early this year. She is currently an art lead for APAC-based Web3 community DAO Under.

Stay tuned for the artist’s work in our upcoming Muses collection. 

4. Tammy Kanat

Drawn to the use of colour as well as materiality in abstracted ways, Tammy Kanat is a weaver and fibre artist who is inspired by artistic precedents such as Josef and Anni Albers, Hilma af Klimt and Gunta Stolzl. Internationally recognised for her work, Kanat’s large-scale tapestries are a celebration of hue, pattern and the creative process. They also invite the viewer to be still and contemplate – fostering an appreciation for slowness amidst the unrelenting pace of the present. The artist’s work has been acquired by the NGV and other significant private collections, and had a recent collaboration with motion artist Jurriaan Hos to adapt her work into film. The result? Textured, mesmerising video NFTs (see below).

Pictured above is 1/1 NFT Dreamscape: Founder’s Edition. A returning artist from the Genesis Drop, Kanat is also featured in Muses.

5. Danielle Weber

Known for her contemporary work as well as her involvement in the local NFT scene, Danielle Weber is an artist and muralist whose works have been commissioned by high-profile names in Hollywood, along with Olympic athletes and more. Weber uses a diverse range of styles, ranging from photorealistic portraiture to more stylised graphic work, as well as abstracts. With two NFT collections under her belt, she also credits her career to the support of an artistic and humorous family, which allowed her to pursue her dreams.

See her latest updates here

6. Merr Watson

Oneiric aerial photography is the specialisation of creator Merr Watson, who captures her work via drone technology. Perth-based, the Philippines-born visual artist photographs stunning dreamscapes of various locales around the world, allowing her viewers to step into the beauty she experiences. Watson’s work is featured by well-known brands such as Qantas and Conde Nast Traveler, and she has released more than three NFT collections to date.

Read more about her here

7. Nicola Coxon

Digital artist Nicola Coxon holding up an artwork.

Also hailing from Perth, digital artist Nicola Coxon utilises analogue techniques to create moving digital paintings. Through exploring mediums such as paint, ink and solvents at a macro level through real time videography, Nicola’s work strives to show the universal properties inherent in these material substances and their correlation to the cosmos. She began her video work back in 2005 and has recently held the first solo physical NFT exhibition for Western Australia, called KINEKT, in October 2021.

Featured in our upcoming Muses collection, you can also see Nicola’s Genesis artworks here.

8. Stefanie Neal 

Combining her passion for digital art together with years of professional photography skills, self-taught artist Stefanie Neal explores the intersection of poetry and visual storytelling in her work. Having honed her creativity since childhood, the artist describes herself as “forever lost in any expressive outlet she could find.” Neal’s images draw significant influence from nature and reflect her playful demeanour with beautiful results–representing the confluence between the familiar and the fantastical.

Stay tuned for her work in our upcoming Muses collection.

9. Lucy Lucy

Artist Lucy Lucy painting an outdoor mural.

Another artist whose work explores the mythical, Lucy Lucy’s work as a figurative painter captures the evolving folklore of the feminine, exploring its energy through archetypal portraits of women which symbolise social change and resilience. The artist invites viewers to navigate the inner and collective landscapes of the female psyche through symbolic imagery. Known for her artistic collaborations, involvement in the urban art community and work with established brands, the French Parisian born creator’s multifaceted work also focuses on multiculturalism.

Also a Genesis artist, Lucy’s new original work will be featured in Muses.

10. Kelly Taylor

Indigenous artist Kelly Taylor was born in Port Augusta, South Australia, and belongs to the Yankunytjatjara / Kokatha people. In creating digital designs, Taylor uses her traditional symbols to choose colours that complement a story using her creeper dots style of dot painting, blending and overlaying colours to create an eye-catching effect of ancient art fused with traditional and contemporary art. She brings out the beauty of both that represents her childhood days where she travelled with her family, hunted and gathered traditional foods, played and rolled down beautiful red sandhills of Ernabella [now Pukatja], Fregon [now Kaltjiti], Ayers Rock [now Uluru], Indulkana [now Iwantja], Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, and Port Augusta, where she would camp surrounded by trees, wildflowers, sandhills and plenty of water holes to swim in and sit by the campfire out on country.

Stay tuned for her NFT debut in our upcoming Muses collection.

11. Lana Jaie

Also based in South Australia, digital artist Lana Jaie’s work combines geometrical patterns with elements of pop art. The artist is known for her contemporary interpretation of sacred geometry–an art style with over a thousand years of history–by which she creates kaleidoscopic, intricate abstracts that repeat in an infinity pattern. With several NFT collections to her name, Jaie began creating the designs in 2016 with the use of photo montages.

Featured 1/1 NFT: Geo Synthesis #2 (sold). A returning Genesis artist, Lana’s new work will also be featured in Muses.

12. Franca Turrin

An Australian based photographer with over thirty years of experience in a variety of disciplines, Franca Turrin has a foundation in traditional film and portraiture and currently works as a fine art photographer. Capturing otherworldly tales and explorations of landscapes and flora, she describes her work as a construct of still life – whether in the studio or external landscape – which is driven by textures, light and the allegory of life. Turrin’s current exhibitions and projects include the Aussie Artists Collective Exhibition (December 2021), NFT Liverpool (June 2022), and Resilience on Spatial.io (2021-) (solo exhibition). 

New original works by Franca can be found in our upcoming Muses collection.

13. MLAK

Always the artist, MLAK (Karlee Mackee) was “born with crayons in her hands” so as to speak. Since her formative years, she has been known for her fearlessness in self-expression: her NFT art includes an eclectic mix of motifs such as playing cards, playfully-depicted female genitalia and tiger heads. At the heart of her work, MLAK celebrates women and the expression of sexuality, as well as provides an avenue to give back to the community.

She is also a featured artist in our Muses collection, launching this June.

14. Zeke’s Lunchbox 

Local artist Zeke’s Lunchbox, who will be featured in Muses.

Fans of a highly popular femme reinterpretation of tarot cards may be familiar with Zeke’s Lunchbox, the creator of the eighty piece original epic deck, “Zeke’s Arcana”. A pseudonym for Melbourne-based artist Julia Rich, the artist is best known for her weird creatures and mystical women, with her work often described as strange, unearthly and prismatic. You can find Zeke’s art exhibited across the world as well as through partnered global brands such as YouTube and Wix.

Stay tuned for her upcoming works this June.

15. Caroline Lejeune

Having painted in various places across Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane and Byron Bay, French Parisian born Caroline Lejeune has a deep love for the local floral and fauna which she features in her work. Capturing the bright energy of Australia and its lush nature, the symbolic imagery she employs invites viewers to dream and escape into ethereal tropical landscapes through her art. Lejeune’s paintings also often represent powerful women in their queendom.

The artist will be featured in our Muses collection.

That brings us to the end of Part 1, but stay tuned for 10 more female Australian artist highlights in Part 2! Also: don’t miss out on our Muses drop featuring some of the talented creators mentioned above. Sign up here for early access and get notified when we launch, or follow us on Discord and Twitter for updates!

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